Argonauts Tree Service provides professional tree removal & pruning services in Avoca Beach and across the Central Coast.

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Argonauts Tree Service provides professional tree removal & pruning services in Avoca Beach and across the Central Coast.

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Tree Removal & pruning Avoca Beach

History of Tree removal-pruning Avoca Beach. Avoca Beach is named after the Irish village, Avoca, in County Wicklow, famous as the location for the filming of the TV series Ballykissangel. The name means “great estuary” or “where the river meets the sea”.  Interestingly, “Bulbararong”, the Aboriginal name for this bay, has a similar meaning.

Bulbararong was a popular gathering place for the Aboriginal people before white settlement.  In the place now known as Hunter Park, is the site of a midden, which provides evidence of a feasting place.  So perhaps it’s no surprise that today this ancient gathering place hosts both the Picture Theatre and the Surf Club, twin hubs of community life at Avoca Beach.

In 1830, 640 acres were granted to Irish army officer John Moore. who built a house opposite Avoca Lake and planted vines, cereals and fruit trees. Timber was later felled from the area and was transported by tram to a mill at Terrigal via what is now Tramway Road in North Avoca.  Citrus and banana crops were also grown.

Back to the present

These days Avoca Beach is a well sort after location for residents and holiday makers as it is still surrounded by large native trees on rolling hills overlooking the ocean. Although these amazing trees are a significant part of the areas natural beauty, houses and structures have been built around, underneath or next to them.

As these trees mature and weaker branches or limbs start to decay many residents find that falling decaying limbs become hazardous to property and human life. Having tree removal-pruning in Avoca Beach should be done by a professional tree service. Argonauts Tree Service provides professional Tree Removalpruning service Avoca Beach

by a non professional sometimes leads to further failure of limbs and branches.

What can I do ?

To keep your trees healthy or to get rid of dying ones, you may want the benefit of professional advice, skill and labour. That is especially important as summer approaches and the Central Coast and especially Tuggerah has a history of sudden storms and unpredictable weather. Falling tree limbs can cause great damage to your home.

You don’t have to be an expert to spot many potential tree problems. Examine your trees several times a year for the following:

  • Discoloured leaves and thinning in the tree’s crown;
  • Roots pulled loose from the ground and fungal growth on roots and main trunk;
  • Dead and fallen branches more than 5cm in diameter;
  • Deep vertical cracks on opposite sides of the main trunk;
  • Sawdust on the trunk from wood-boring insects;
  • A trunk that noticeably leans in one direction and a branch canopy that is not roughly balanced;
  • And other unusual deformations and deposits on leaves, limbs or bark.

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