Argonauts Tree Service is committed to protecting the environment through implementing our own Environmental Protection & Waste Management systems.

Environmental Protection & Recycling

Argonauts Tree Service is committed to protecting the environment through implementing our own Environmental Protection & Waste Management systems.

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Committed to protecting the environment

Argonauts Tree Service is unwavering in its commitment to safeguarding the environment, a promise that’s manifested through the rigorous implementation of our own comprehensive Environmental Protection & Waste Management systems. At the core of this dedication lies our 7-Ton Citicrane—a technological marvel that empowers us to execute tree work with the utmost sensitivity to the surrounding ecosystem.

This Citicrane is an instrumental tool in our quest to achieve minimal environmental impact. Its unique capability to delicately lift cut portions of trees out of the work zone ensures the preservation of nearby vegetation. By strategically avoiding disturbance to plants and other forms of life, we significantly reduce the footprint of our operations, both on your property and within the local ecosystem.

Collaboration is key to our success. We work hand-in-hand with ecologists to uphold habitats and facilitate the relocation of hollows. Our dedication to wildlife conservation extends further as we actively install nest boxes in trees, providing displaced animals with new sanctuaries in cleared areas for clients. This close association with ecologists ensures that every tree removal adheres to the correct procedures, fostering an environment of accountability and ecological stewardship.

Hollows Environmental Protection & Recycling

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at the field. In the aftermath of our work, all wood chippings find new life as valuable landscaping and mulching materials, while unwanted logs are ingeniously recycled as firewood or fencing. This comprehensive approach constitutes a 100% reuse and recycling process, underlining our unwavering commitment to an environmentally friendly cycle.

100% reuse and recycling process

Central to our operations is a robust Waste Management Policy, promoting the recycling of all generated waste materials. This policy’s effectiveness is showcased through our tangible success in its implementation, a testament to our dedication to responsible waste handling now and in to the future

In the sphere of tree removal, our pride lies in our ability to minimize environmental repercussions. Our team of skilled and experienced experts undergo training to assess risks and hazards, ensuring that each project is executed with the highest regard for safety and minimal environmental impact.

Argonauts Tree Service stands not only as one of the leaders on the Central Coast in environmental protection & recycling but also as a advocate for the sustainability practices into every facet of our operations.


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