No-one likes to remove a healthy tree, however sometimes it’s necessary. But of course there are many valid reasons for tree removal

Tree Removal

No-one likes to remove a healthy tree, however sometimes it’s necessary. But of course there are many valid reasons for tree removal

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Cutting a tree down completely is almost always a last resort. No-one wants to cut a healthy tree down, but sometimes a tree can become a danger to people and property.

It’s also a hazardous activity which requires the right skills and equipment to be carried out effectively and safely. Tree removal is a complex task, and we understand that you need complete confidence in the contractors to do the job safely.

Here are just some of the reasons why you may need to consider tree removal:

  • A tree is dying
  • There is evidence of root defects
  • The tree is hollow
  • The tree is suddenly leaning
  • The trunk is compromised
  • The tree is significantly diseased
  • A tree has been badly storm damaged
  • The tree is under power lines
  • The tree is too close to buildings or other property.
  • The tree has White Ants or Borers
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Signs that a tree is sick and may need removal

There are many reasons why the above signs of tree sickness which range from age to diseases. The age of the tree can play a large role in the health of a tree. As trees age they become stronger and hardier, but after a certain age, which can vary greatly depending on the tree species of the tree, old age becomes an issue. A tree that is dying due to its age cannot be saved as it is a natural occurrence which is unpreventable. One of the major factors however that can cause a problem is pests. In Australia there are various pests that can cause the decay and downfall of your trees. These pests include and are not limited to the Sirex Wood Wasp, Christmas Beetles, Borers, Termites and Leaf Beetles.

Other reasons for tree removal include eliminating the risk to your house or to electrical or other utility wires from rubbing limbs or precarious overhanging limbs, protecting foundations and drainage systems from invading roots.

What to do?

In many cases, the problem and the solution will be obvious — removing specific limbs, for example. But sometimes it’s difficult to diagnose and treat trees. At those times, you need expert advice so call Argonauts Tree Service

Our trained and highly experienced teams remove trees by careful felling or dismantling when space is restricted – such as when the tree is too close to buildings, fences or power lines. Tree work can also be made easier with our own 7 ton City Crane

Argonauts Tree Service can safely remove any size tree that you may have with minimum disruption. With over 36 years experience on the Central Coast Argonauts Tree Service can help you with any Tree removal you may have.

We offer free inspection of trees and a no-obligation quotation of recommended maintenance if required. or try the Central Coast Council tree application check list

Here is a interesting time lapse video of a large tree removal at Avoca using a crane by Argonauts Tree Service

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